Fishing Report 10/2/12

Friday, February 10, 2012 by tackleworldmoruya

Hey guys,

Here goes for this week's fishing report


Moruya River and Tuross-

Due to the recent foul weather most of our fishos have been contained indoors, so we apologise for the need to bunch Moruya and Tuross together.  Hopefully the weather will be kinder next week!  However, when we were blessed with fishable days, it became apparent that down the front of Tuross was the hotspot for flathead on soft plastics, whiting on beach worms and bream on SX40's and Cameons.  Amongst Tuross' snags are some well sized perch, responding best to Instinct Quickas.  If it's Moruya you're fishing, the flats around town wharf are providing some decent sized flounder hitting the prawns pretty hard.  The hole in the wall is fishing well for luderick, which as per usual respond best to green weed.  The flathead are on the bite at Yarragee, but if it's the bass you're after, it's best to head up the Deua.


Rocks and Beaches -

The well formed gutters at Goulbourn workers remain successful for large catches of salmon up to 3-4kg, with the lure of choice being Arma Twistees or if you're a bait fisher, ganged pillies.  Live beach worms will almost guarantee a successful session for bream and whiting regardless of your beach of choice, and if you're not one of the gifted who can catch the worms themselves, take the much easier route and secure your tub in store.  If you're fishing the break wall, you're likely to be rewarded with salmon, tailor and flathead.  Again, the salmon will respond to Arma Twistees, which are a smart choice because the tailor will hit them just as hard.


Offshore -

Captain Ron aboard Winda Woppa I and II reports sea anchors are quite necessary given the current weather conditions, so make sure you fish smart and fish safe.  Out around the 40-70m mark, with a water temperature of 21.5 degrees Celsius, large catches of snapper of 2-3kg and mowies from 3-4kg are reported to be hitting squid bait hard.  Decent sized pigfish, Chinamen leatherjackets and nannygai are rewarding fishos who throw out some fish bait.  There's huge numbers of kingfish around the 80-85cm mark chasing the squid bait, so it's well worth stocking up on squid jigs to catch your bait yourself. Captain Ron advises bookings are essential if you're after a trip marlin fishing on the shelf.


VIP Member of the Week -

VIP member Damon is congratulated, or more sent sympathy, from Team Tackle World Moruya this week for surviving one scary experience while fishing!  A close encounter of the unwelcome kind came when a great white shark one metre longer than Damon's boat decided to chase the kingfish on the end of the line and pop up its head to say a very toothy hello.  In the face - quite literally - of a great white, Tackle World Moruya congratulates Damon on his ability to fish another day!


Safe fishing!

Team Tackle World Moruya

Gaye, Graham, Bec, Mark, Nathan and Jade


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