Fishing Report, 30 October 2012

Tuesday, October 30, 2012 by tackleworldmoruya

Tackle World Moruya - Fishing Report

30 October 2012

The Tackle World team has been product testing the new IFISH RANGE of fishing rods during the week in Shimano's Skeeter - a big thanks to Shimano for letting us borrow it.  We tested out the new PAUL WORSTERLING TCURVE on Tuross Lake where the team caught some nice tailor, plenty of good flathead and some good bream in the snags.  Most of the flatties were caught on 70 mm Squidgie Silver Fox Fish with a good smearing of super juice (S FACTOR). The bream were mostly being caught on the ever popular 80 mm Bloodworm Wriggler.  The outfits we used to catch these species ranged from a Paul Worsterling (PW) TCurve Bream spin 6102 2-5 kilo teamed with a Stradic CI4 1000 which was spooled with 3lb Power Pro Bitemotion with a 6lb Dogtooth leader.  We also tried the PW Barra spin 662 5-8 kilo with a Rarenium 4000 FA spooled up with 10 lb Bitemotion and a 15 lb Dogtooth leader to hit the jewies. All in all a great week was had with the whole team fishing with an abundance of Shiamno outfits especially produced for Tackle World Stores.  Once again a BIG THANK YOU to Shimano for this opportunity.

  Moruya River

VIP Member Tom has been catching good flathead on the shallow flats above the bridge and around the airport on Squidgies. Lobby's in the Dusk colour were the lure of choice. Tackle World Team member Nathan has been catching some nice bream and whiting in the shallow sections of Moruya, throwing around Strada Viral 50 mm and 70 mm poppers.  There have also been some quality tailor being caught from Preddys Wharf upto Quarry Wharf. Arma Metalik and Twisty metal slices are doing the job.

Tuross Lake

Team member Jade and VIP member Tom fished the lake over the weekend catching and releasing some good sized flathead (all around the 60 cm size) wading the flats.  Squidgie bloodworm and lava wrigglers in 100 mm seemed to be the choice for the  flatties on that particular day! There are plenty of good size tailor through the main channel of Tuross and around the four-ways.  A lot of flathead have schooled up around the entrance to Borang, with the jewies still being chased in the narrows.

Beaches and Rocks

Good drummer, salmon and luderick are being caught off the headlands both up and down the coast, with some nice school sharks on the beach of an evening.


The kingies are around and biting at the moment with VIP member Spider and Captain Ron from Winda Woppa 1 and 2 smashing the kingfish on knife jigs straight out the front of Moruya River in about 35-45 metres of water, with some good tiger flathead off the backs of the beaches.  Also out wide we have received great reports of albacore around the 10 Kilo mark.


This week's VIP ONLY special

Berkley Drop Shot Nibble Tip combo's complete with a free spool of Fireline!!


We have just received the brand new Paul Worsterling Shimano T-Curve graphite rods. Three piece Travel rods are also available within this range.

The brilliant new Paul Worsterling NANO rods (made exclusively by Shimano for Tackle World stores) have just arrived in store today and we have people lining up to make sure they secure one of these rods!  What has been delivered in store around Australia is all there is at the moment, so if you want to get your hands on something special you better be QUICK!!  These rods range in size from a 7021 bream through to 7062 Snapper.  Recommended retail throughout the whole range is $169.00!!  WHAT AN AWESOME PRICE FOR A ROD OF THIS QUALITY!!!

Have a great week everyone and "remember everyday's a good day for fishing ...!"

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Team Tackle World Moruya

Graham, Gaye, Bec, Mark, Nathan and Jade

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