Fishing Report, 20 September 2012

Wednesday, October 03, 2012 by tackleworldmoruya

Tackle World Moruya - Fishing Report

20 September 2012

Moruya River

VIP Members Jimmy and Dean have been chasing a few flatties with some good results around the change of the tide. Jim fished down the front of the river around the weed beds catching fish up to 65 cm using Squidgy 100 mm silver fox fish, while Dean headed up river looking for estuary perch around the boulders but instead ended up with a feed of flatties. Once again the Squidgy bloodworm wriggler 80 mm did the job!


Tackle World member Jade fished the four ways on the weekend on the incoming tide fishing for bream on the drop offs using 80mm bloodworm wrigglers and 2 inch gulp shrimp in jelly prawn but instead of his target catch of bream he landed a lot of flathead instead. As a result of this he up sized the soft plastics however the flathead still preferred the smaller lures. During the week Jade fished the shallow flats hooking up to some small bream and the odd whiting on Strada Viral 50mm and Strada Chaos 45mm surface lures.

There have been reports of some large Jew fish being caught or believed to be hooked at least, with one angler having 300 yards of 30lb braid stripped off his reel with no chance of stopping it!

Salmon and tailor are still running through the lake in big schools. There are also plenty of luderick in Tuross around the four ways on the edges of the weed beds and along the rock walls.

Beaches and Rocks

Salmon, tailor and gummy sharks are being caught in good numbers off many of the beaches on salted pillies and squid. Flathead are also being caught off the beach of an evening.


Captain Ron aboard Winda Woppa 1 & 2 went outside on Wednesday and Thursday catching good kingfish, trevally, leather jackets, snapper, huge rock cod and 2 gummy sharks off Burrie Point outside the marine park on fish bait and squid. The use of a sea anchor is needed with the current water temperature sitting at 16.5 degrees celcius.


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Team Tackle World Moruya

Graham, Gaye, Bec, Mark, Nathan and Jade











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