Fishing Report 13/1/12

Friday, January 13, 2012 by tackleworldmoruya

Hey guys,

Here goes for this week's fishing report.

Moruya River -

The flathead are large in number up at Yarragee and under the Bridge, but remember if your catch is huge; it's probably an expectant mother so throw her back for another day.  More flathead are around Briley's ramp at Garland town, responding best to Squidgy Wrigglers in the blood worm and fire cracker variety.  If you're floating around the hole in the wall, you're bound to haul in some well sized luderick to reward the keen fisho throwing out some green weed.  If you're hungry for a feed then you're probably after the whiting, which remain around the hospital flat and are chewing their favourite live beach worms.  No matter where in the system you are, the flounder are biting.  Quarry wharf  is still producing some lovely tailor, which are always a fun catch.


Tuross -

Congrats to those kids who got involved in the "Hooked on Fishing" competition last weekend.  Just about everyone walked away with great prizes and a fun weekend was had by all!  If you kids out there haven't yet experienced this comp, you should really check it out as its great fun and you can win some great gear!  Check out Tackle World Moruya's site ( for details on all the comp's activities.

Tackle World members John Snr and John Jnr headed out the other morning for a great session fishing before having to head in because of the wind.  The boys secured some very nice bream as well as tailor and flathead.

Tackle World Moruya member Jade achieved his personal best 82cm flathead on 100ml fire cracker Squidgy Wrigglers, so a congratulations are surely in order!  Meanwhile, Tackle World Moruya member Tom and his cousin Tim participated in the Tuross kid's fishing competition, with Tom winning the title of biggest bream on SX40's.  That feat earned Tom a great Shimano rod and reel combo.

Poppers are proving exceptionally effective, attracting both long toms and whiting.  The whiting are mostly around the front of the system.


Beaches and Rocks -

Tackle World member John Snr headed down to Congo beach with fresh beach worms and was rewarded with numerous catches of salmon, bream, whiting and flathead.   Those fish just love the fresh beach worms!!

If it's the break wall that you're fishing, you're likely to haul in some nice salmon and flathead, which are responding best to salted pilchards.


Offshore -

Captain Ron aboard Winda Woppa I and II reports most of the offshore action happening around the 55-50m of water mark, with pig fish, mowies, nannygai and flathead all being caught on fish and squid bait.  If it's the snapper you're after, the bigger fish are hitting Lucanis jigs hard.  The king fish are responding most to River 2 Sea knife jigs, with reports of kingies over a metre long.


Tackle World VIP Members of the Week -

Tackle World Moruya is starting a monthly draw of gift vouchers to a lucky VIP member.  If the voucher is not collected within the month, the voucher for next month increases in value.  This month's lucky VIP member is Ally, whose VIP number is 2037108.

For details of the winners of the Tuross kid's competition, see our website (


Happy Fishing!

Team Tackle World Moruya

Gaye, Graham, Bec, Mark, Nathan and Jade



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