Fishing Report 29/12/11

Thursday, December 29, 2011 by tackleworldmoruya

Hey guys,

Here goes for this week's fishing report.

Moruya River -

The river has been fishing well of late, benefiting both locals and tourists alike.  Flathead and whiting of notable size have been caught from the hospital flat and up, with the flathead attracted to the new Squidgy Pro Range Slick Rigs especially.  The whiting however, prefer a natural approach, responding best to beach worms - the live version of which is sold exclusively by Tackle World Moruya.  The flathead are also around the quarry wharf, however, the tailor are more prolific and are hitting the Armor Twisties and soft plastics the hardest.  If it's the bridge you want to fish, flounder will be your most common catch on white bait.  The hole in the wall is fishing well for luderick, which as always, respond best to green weed.  From the pump station up, the bass are hitting Heddon Crazy Crawlers and Cameons.

Tuross -

Congratulations are in order for Warren, who in the middle of a popper session for whiting was successful in hooking a whiting, only to find his whiting being eaten by a 106cm flathead, leading him to bag both fish (releasing the flathead, of course).  Tricky catches like that, the stuff of fishing legend.  That being said, the system as a whole is fishing extremely well for flathead, and bream also.  The entrance has been providing numerous catches of luderick, again, as in Moruya River, responding best to green weed.  Jew fish are going mad for soft plastics, specifically 110mm White Lightning Squidgies, so it's a good time to practice your retrieve technique.

Rocks and Beaches -

Broulee rocks are providing some kingies on metal slices and squid on UV Blast squid jigs, which are also working well off Congo headland.  Off the wall, the bream, flathead, salmon and tailor are responding best to salted pilchards, with good gutters around the windsock area providing the majority of the salmon.  Decent sized whiting and salmon are also being pulled in off Broulee beaches.

Offshore -

Conditions permitting, Captain Ron aboard Winda Woppa I and II has been pulling in plenty of salmon, snapper, flathead, mowies and nannygai on squid, with some benito on the troll around the headlands.  The occasional gummy shark are hitting fish bait around the 30m of water mark.  The water temperature has been running around a comfortable 20 degrees celcius so all is looking well for a fantastic New Year of fishing! 

Tackle World VIP Member of the Week

Congratulations to Tackle World VIP member of the week Gracie, whose dedication to fishing whilst holidaying in Broulee is refreshing from the younger generation. You go girl!

Happy New Year to all, and remember, everyday's a good day for fishing!

Team Tackle World Moruya


Gaye, Graham, Bec, Mark, Nathan and Jade

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