Local Fishing Report 14/1/10

Thursday, January 14, 2010 by tackleworldmoruya

Hey Guys,

Here goes for this week's fishing report

Moruya River - Around hospital flat, a huge number of large whiting are being caught on Gobo Poppers.  Flathead are all along the river, with large catches coming from up and down the river and around Yarragee with the lure of choice being Squidgie Pro Podys.  Bream and luderick are also being caught down the rock walls below Quarry Wharf on fresh nippers and live beach worms.  Team Tackle World Moruya member Nathan had a highly rewarding session up the back waters, catching and releasing 20 bream, whiting and flathead on live nippers.

Tuross - Team Tackle World Moruya members Paul and Sarah had a very successful session on flathead and bream in the system earlier this week, with the majority of the fish being caught around the edges and in the snags on Bushy Stiffy Poppers, with the Metal Vibes working best in the deeper water.  The perch are being caught up the back, above snake flat, with the most effective lures being Berkley Gulp 2 inch Banana Prawn Shrimps and diving hard bodied lures.  Tackle World Moruya is a proud sponsor of Tuross Fishing Club's childrens fishing competition this Saturday the 16th, registration is being held on the 16th at 3pm in the park beside the Tuross Service Station.


Rocks and Beaches - The gutters are on fire at the moment in between Congo and Broulee, with large numbers of whiting and bream responding best to live beach worms.  The salmon and tailor are being caught down the Tuross and Potato Point areas on metal slices, or for the bait fisherpeople, salted pilchards always ensure some large catches.

Offshore - Captain Ron from Winda Woppa fishing charters reports extremely large catches of pigfish, snapper, stripied tuna, tiger flathead, mowies, chinamen and blue ass leather jackets.  The kingfish are still around in large numbers, however, their sizes are averaging around the 60-64cm mark, so please ensure all undersize fish are sent back into the water.  The majority of fish are being caught around the 45-60m mark, with a sea anchor necessary to slow down the drift of the plesantly warm 22 degree water.

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