Local Fishing Report, 4/9/09

Friday, September 04, 2009 by Administrator

Moruya River

There are an abundance of Luderick in the system at the moment, so try your luck on some greenweed, cunji or freshly pumped "nippers".

Tailor have returned in good numbers down the front of the system in particular around the channel markers below Preddies Wharf - throw some metal slices at these guys and hang on for some fun!!

The Bream are still around the Hole in the Wall with best results on Gulp 2" Shrimp, Metal Vibes or nippers.

Tuross River

Last Saturday seen Team Gone Fishin' members Mark and Evan launch at the Steel Bridge and head downstream.  The fishing was "hard and slow" and unfortunately they were only rewarded with a catch and release session of Tailor on metal vibes in the deeper water.

Graham headed out on Wednesday to enjoy a "rack attack" with a catch and release session on Bream on SX40's and Strike Pro Vibes.  Vibes also worked on the Tailor and juvenile snapper, once again in the deeper water.  We have also had some reports of Bream and Whiting on fresh beachworms as well.

Beaches and Rocks

Salmon, Groper, Drummer and some Tailor have been reported up and down the coastline with some nice Bream also coming out of the Congo/Meringo area.


Captain Ron onboard Winda-Whopper reports good catches of Snapper, Mowies, Gummy Sharks, Flathead, Nannygai and Pigfish all in 50 m of water.  The current is strong so throw out a sea anchor to slow down your drift.  The Snapper are also  in close and responding well to Gulp 5" and 7" jerk shads as well as Squidgy flickbaits.

Have a great weeks fishing everyone and remember our Sale ends this Saturday, so get in store and secure your bargain now !!  Happy Fathers Day to all you Dad's out there on Sunday!

Graham,  Gaye & Bec
Team Gone Fishin' Moruya

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