Local Fishing Report, 11/09/09

Friday, September 11, 2009 by Administrator

Moruya River

With the weather warming up, the Flathead have been on the chew down behind the "hole in the wall" -  best baits have included whitebait and Berkley Gulp 4" Swimming Mullet.  You will also find plenty of Luderick and Bream around this area as well - try fresh nippers for best results.

Tuross River

Fathers Day morning was spent "hard at it" around the Coopers Island area.  Unfortunately, it was "hard" fishing with a catch and release session on Bream and Tailor using a selection of Vibes and Gulp 3" Minnows.

Friday proved much more successful with the warmer weather providing a delightful mornings fishing.  Both Graham and Evan enjoyed catching and releasing Luderick on SX40's, Tailor on Vibes in the leases, Bream on SX40's and we hate to report that we were totally outsmarted by a metre plus Flathead who took a liking to our SX40 and was last seen swimming in the opposite direction.  Evan also enjoyed success on fly with his legendary orange "Hammer Head"!

Rocks and Beaches

Good reports of Drummer off the "Wall" on peeled prawns, as well as nice Salmon on Metal Slices.  Bream and Luderick are also being pulled in off the Headlands - use fresh cunji for best results.


Captain Ron onboard Winda-Whopper reports very green and slimy water!!  However, good catches of Flathead, Mowies and most other species are being had around both the 40 metre and 70 metre marks, with the odd Gummy shark and nice sized Kingfish starting to come around.  Because the water is so  murky, you need to change your bait frequently as it is coming up "green"!!  Ron has enjoyed success this week with both Tuna and Mackeral fillets.  The water is a pleasant 17 degrees celcius with slight currents running.  The seas are excellent at the moment and Whales are frolicking everywhere!

Have a great weeks fishing everyone!

Graham, Gaye & Bec
Team Gone Fishin' Moruya

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