Local Fishing Report, 20/08/09

Thursday, August 20, 2009 by Administrator

Moruya River

We launched Thursday morning at Town Wharf and headed down to the front of the system where we enjoyed a great catch and release session.  The warmer weather has definitely turned the Flathead on the chew with Graham and Nathan having exceptional success with both SX40's and Lively Lures Micro Mullets.

The boys also scored some nice Salmon on Metal Slices around the Quarry Wharf area.  The "Hole in the Wall" produced some nice Bream, again using SX40's!!

Tuross River

Team Gone Fishin' member Paul fished the "racks" over three days to enjoy a catch and release session on the Bream using Strike Pro Vibes.  Paul then headed upstream and caught and released a very nice Bass on Atomic Hardz.

Nathan also headed upstream and was rewarded with a 37 cm Bream (see picture) using - yes you guessed it - an SX40!!

Evan was also rewarded with a very nice 38 cm Black Bream on Fly.

Beaches and Rocks

Some big Bronze Whalers have been seen cruising around the Broulee area, so watch your "tootsies"!!  The rocks at Congo seen Aaron rewarded with some very nice Drummer using Cunji.

The Salmon are still up and down the coastline with success using both pillies and metal slices - we've found the metal slices are outdoing "bait" at the moment though.


Captain Ron onboard Winda-Whopper enjoyed good sessions both Monday and Thursday of this past week, securing catches of Snapper - up to 7.5 kg - Mowies, Gummy Sharks, Nannygai and Flathead, although the Flathead are harder to find then the Snapper at the moment.  The water is a nice 17 degreees celcius and you should head out into the 70 m range of water for best results.

We hope you all enjoy a great weeks fishing!

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Graham, Gaye & Bec
Team Gone Fishin' Moruya

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