Local Fishing Report, 24/07/09

Thursday, July 23, 2009 by Administrator

Keep an eye out for some new pics of this weeks catch!

Moruya River

The Breakwall is still fishing exceptionally well for both Salmon and Tailor both off pilchards and metal slices.  A fish around the boulders near the Hospital may prove worthwhile for a bream or two.  Preddies Wharf is always worth a try late of an afternoon also.


Last Sunday seen Graham and Evan launch at Steel Bridge and head upstream.  They were rewarded with a great catch and release session on Bream - Atomic Hardz and Evan's "wiggle minnow" fly doing the damage.  Keep fishing deep into the snags to increase your chance of a catch.

Friday morning seen Graham head into the leases for a bit of a disappointing session, however the water was beautiful and a couple of bream were caught and released on Rapala Husky Jerks.

Rocks and Beaches

The Beaches both up and down the coastline are still fishing well for the usual assortment of Salmon, Tailor, Drummer, Groper and Bream.  Try your luck of an evening for school and gummy sharks.


Captain Ron aboard Winda-Whopper reports really good catches of both Snapper and Mowies in 52 metres of water just North-East of Moruya.  The water temperature is still a pleasant 19 degrees celcius and a beautiful  clear blue colour with the winds variable from the South-East at around 5-10 knots.

We have also had reports of nice catches of Flathead off the Windsock.

Enjoy the rest of the holidays - happy fishing to everyone!

Wiggle Minnow Bream

Graham, Gaye & Bec
Team Gone Fishin' Moruya

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