Local Fishing Report, 17/07/09

Thursday, July 23, 2009 by Administrator

Moruya River

The river is producing some nice Flathead down near Preddies Wharf - bait of choice is mullet strips.

Bream are also being caught on Gulp soft plastics and fresh nippers around the "hole in the wall". You should catch some Trevally and Tailor using the same methods.

Luderick are plentiful along the rockwalls - try some greenweed or nippers.


Nathan_42cm_BassTeam Gone Fishin' member Nathan had a great catch and release session during the week catching Bass to 42 cm, Perch to 39 cm and plenty of Bream using the popular and proven SX40's on a slow twitching retrieve.

Graham also enjoyed a good morning on the water with Whiting on Strike Pro Vibes, as well as Bream, Luderick and Perch on Strike Pro Pigmy lures. With the water cold and clear you need to use a longer, lighter leader and slow your retrieve down.

Rocks and Beaches

The beaches around the area are producing large numbers of Salmon at the moment. They are being caught on both metal slices and pilchards on ganged hooks. Tailor, Bream and some Flathead are also being caught on the rocks. The Bream, Drummer, Salmon and Tailor are in good numbers - try using cunji or prawns.


Captain Ron aboard Winda-Whopper reports great catches of Snapper Mowies, Nannygai, Pigfish, Flathead and Sharks - using squid tubes as bait out in 40-45 metres of water. Ren recommends the use of a sea anchor to slow the drift down and hence enhance your catch!

Happy School Holidays everyone! Enjoy and have a great weeks fishing!

Graham, Gaye & Bec
Team Gone Fishin' Moruya

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