Local Fishing Report, 30/10/09

Saturday, October 31, 2009 by Administrator

Moruya River

Our sources tell us to "watch your toes" down at the entrance to the river as quite a few Bronze Whalers decided to make this their home this week.  Please be careful if you're around here as there were many sightings.

Onto better things of course like fishing!!  The flathead are still on the chew with both bream and whiting being caught as well.  Team Gone Fishin member Nathan was rewarded with a healthy 86 cm flathead yesterday afternoon on a Hawk Jay Walk (walk the dog action lure).

Speaking of "watching your toes", Team Gone Fishin' member Mark got a nasty surprise when putting his boat back on the trailer - yes you guessed it a cranky sting-ray didn't like Mark's big foot landing on top of him and Mark has been limping around all week as a result.


Graham enjoyed a nice catch and release session last Sunday in the "racks" on the bream with C'ultiva Mirror Shads once more proving their worth!!  Wednesday morning seen another great catch and release session, this time on flathead - lure of choice Gobo poppers - these flathead were extremely aggressive and full-on attacked the lure more like a Barra than a flattie!  This auguers well for the season ahead!

Beaches and Rocks

One Team Gone Fishin member was rewarded with a nice 6lb Salmon off the front of Easts Caravan Park on his bream gear - boy did this fish put up  a great fight on the light gear.  Bream, salmon and tailor are all being brought in off the beaches as well as nice drummer and groper off the headlands.

Outside Fishing

Captain Ron onboard Winda-Whopper experienced another good week with catches of extra large flathead, as well as mowies and snapper off the front in the 50 m mark.  The water is extremely clear at the moment with cold patches here and there.

Have a great weeks fishing everyone!

Graham, Gaye & Bec
Team Gone Fishin'

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