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Fishing Reports from Moruya, Tuross, Offshore, Rocks and Beaches and the occasional exotic location.

Fishing Report 6/7/2012

Friday, July 06, 2012 by tackleworldmoruya

Moruya River

Ryans creek down to the flats opposite Preddy's Wharf is producing some nice flathead being caught on soft plastics.  Try the hole in the wall and inside it on the high tide for large bream which are responding best to the new Strada Badger 40mm deep divers.



VIP member Tom and his cousin Tim have been catching large numbers of flathead on soft plastics and large tailor on Arma metal slices down the front of Tuross.  Nathan and Juzz have been putting the canoe in the small creeks catching huge bream on the new Strada Viral lures.  These surface lures are similar to the Sugar Pens, but are at half the price.  Be quick because these won't last long.


Beaches and Rocks

Salmon and large tailor are being caught off the beach near the wind sock on both salted pilchards with a surf popper and metal slices.  Just inside the break wall in the river you will find big leather jackets and luderick.



Captain Ron onboard Winda Woppa I and II found mowies, pigfish, leather jackets and jack ass mowies out and around 50 metres of water.  The kingfish are being caught on fish bait and squid.  Snapper are biting around the 10-20 metres of water - search for the floating cuttlefish and cast Lucanus jigs around them for the bigger catches.


Tackle World Moruya has now joined facebook! So go to www.facebook.com/tackleworldmoruya and 'like' us for updates on specials and great photos!  Have a great week everyone and remember everyday's a good day for fishing!


Team Tackle World Moruya

Graham, Gaye, Bec, Mark, Nathan and Jade



Fishing Report 5/1/12

Thursday, January 05, 2012 by tackleworldmoruya

Hey guys,

Here goes for this week's fishing report.

Moruya River -

The river remains kind to fishermen and women, with great reports piling into the shop.  Flathead and whiting are still being caught from the hospital flat, with the flathead being caught mostly on shallow diving Cranka Lures.  These lures are fantastic, and as such as walking out the door so you better be quick!  If its whiting you're after, stock up on surface lures, such as Zappers and Squidgy Poppers for the biggest catches over the flats.  If you're around the Quarry wharf and down around Preddy's you'll catch plenty of tailor, but make sure you're an early bird because these fish go deep during daylight hours.  The flounder are everywhere in the river, so pick a spot and sling out some prawns or whitebait. The hole in the wall remains fishing well for luderick, which are also from the Quarry wharf down.


Tuross -

Hey kids!  Get out and have a go at the Tuross 'Hooked on Fishing' comp this weekend.  You can register all weekend and if you're lucky enough to start pulling in the big ones, you might find yourself the winner of Tackle World Moruya prizes!  So start doing the dishes and convince Mum and Dad that they should really take you down and let you get in on the fun.  If its details you're after pick up a flyer from Tackle World Moruya and the staff will be happy to fill you in.  Great catches of flathead, bream and nice sized perch are being had from front to back, with the bass further up in the fresh.  With reports of up to 47cm bass, it seems you don't need to be a kid to have fun in Tuross this weekend! Whiting are also hitting fresh beach worms hard down the front and in quality sizes. 


Beaches and Rocks -

Plenty of benito are swimming around the Broulee rocks.  Catch their interest with some Armour metal slices and Twisties for the bigger fish.  Around Goulbourn Workers, the bream, flathead, salmon and tailor are still hitting hard on salted pillies and live beach worms.  The beach worms are squirming right out the door, so make sure you secure your bucket!  Decent sized whiting and salmon are still being pulled in off Broulee beaches.


Offshore -

Captain Ron aboard Winda Woppa I and II joins with Tackle World Moruya in our congratulations to Jack, who is a fishing veteran of 35 years and recently bagged his personal best king fish out in 71 metres of water off Moruya.  Large snapper, mowies and king fish are staying within the 54 metre water mark, which means it's time to throw out your sea anchor!  Be patient however, as all good things take time - which is usually sped up by proper use of some burley.  Out the front of the surf club, around the 12 metre mark, the snapper are responding best to Burkley Gulp 6 inch Nuclear Chicken, with some decent sizes rewarding fishos.  If it's the 30-40 metre mark you're in, it's likely you'll pull in some tiger flathead, fish bait and squid.  Marlin chasers that have ambitions of hitting the shelf should give Ron a call on 0404966607 and book an appointment before they all fill up.


Tackle World VIP Members of the Week -

Congratulations to our VIP Members of the Week Scott and Deano for boating five striped marlin and hooking another three in one incredible morning (and back by one o'clock) on lumo skirts.  Well done boys!

Tackle World Moruya sends their best wishes to Noel, hoping for a speedy recovery and return to the water to fish another day.

Our apologies to customers who have recently tried to contact the shop via phone, as our phone lines our down.  We're battling with the phone companies to ensure you are inconvenienced no longer.  Hopefully we'll be back shortly, but please feel welcome to email us or contact us via our website (www.tackleworldmoruya.com.au) and we will be ever vigilant to respond.


Tight lines, and remember - everyday's a good day for fishing!

Team Tackle World Moruya

Gaye, Graham, Bec, Mark, Nathan and Jade

Fishing Report, 4/3/2011

Friday, March 04, 2011 by tackleworldmoruya

Hi everyone - hope you have all enjoyed a great weeks fishing.  This is whats been happening down here.

Moruya & Tuross Rivers

Moruya - Good numbers of bream are being caught on both shallow diving hard body lures, like the ever-popular SX40's and lightly weighted softplastics.  These fish are down around the "hole in the wall" as well as over the weedbeds in the centre of the river.  There are also some nice luderick and whiting being caught around the same vicinity - best bait would be live beach worms or "nippers".  Flathead and flounder are also being caught from Quarry Wharf down to Garlandtown - try using live "poddies" for these fish.

Tuross - great catches of flathead and big bream are being caught on both bait and soft plastics, inparticular Gulp 3" Nuclear Chicken.  You will find these fish from the front of the system up to the four-ways.  Whiting are also being caught on live beach worms (in store now) as well as surface lures with the Sebile "splasher" or the Jazz "Zapper" working a treat  - get up onto the flats for these yummy tasting fish!

Rocks and beaches

Good catches of drummer and luderick are being caught off most headlands around the area on cunji and peeled prawns with the ever present salmon, tailor and bonito still chasing metal slices and ganged pillies.  Beaches - bream, whiting, flathead and salmon are being caught in the gutters off the local beaches - get out early and fish the high tide with live beach worms for best results.


Captain Ron onboard Winda Woppa I and II reports brilliant catches of snapper in all depths of water between Moruya thru to Tuross, along with flathead in the 40 metre mark off Coila.  Mowies, gummy sharks, school sharks, pigfish and kingfish are all being caught straight off the front of Moruya.  For best results use a sea anchor to slow your drift down and Ron's bait of the week - fish bait.  The water temperature is a nice 22 degrees celcius and everything looks set for a great weekends fishing!!

Have a great week everyone and remember "everyday's a good day for fishing ... "

Graham, Gaye, Bec, Mark & Nathan
Team Tackle World Moruya

Ph:  02 44744 381

Fax:  02 44744 586

e-mail:  gfmoruya@bigpond.com.au


Thursday, May 20, 2010 by tackleworldmoruya

Hey guys!  Here goes for this week's fishing report:

Moruya - Moruya River with the weather cooling down as it has been is slowing down, but not to worry!  There are still some flathead down the front near the spur wall being caught on whitebait and soft plastics.  Bream and luderick are being all along the main wall below Preddie's Wharf with schools of tailor still pushing into the river.  For best results with tailor, stock up on metal slices.

Tuross - The lakes are providing consistent catches of flathead down the front over the Potato Point side on soft plastics, specifically the Squidgie Fish 4" Gary Glitter and Silver Fox, or if you're a Gulp fan, try the 5" Nuclear Chicken.  The main channel is holding an abundance of tailor presently, which are being caught on metal vibes with bream and perch pushing further up the system into the snags.  If it's the bream and perch you're after, try using unweighted soft plastics or a very slow retrieve diving minnow.

Rocks and Beaches - After the big seas, the salmon, tailor and bream are still being caught on all beaches, with some flathead thrown in the mix as well.  Bait of choice for these species are pilchards and fish bait for best results.  Drummer and good sized bream are being caught on all local headlands, weather permitting, with cunji and prawns proving most effective.  Why risk it?  Why not wear a self inflating PDF1 life jacket?  These are not obtrusive, worn like your average vest and will save your life so you can fish another day!

Offshore - Captain Ron from Winda Woppa fishing charters reports large mowies, pigfish, gummy and school sharks and some snapper out at the 50m water mark, all being caught on tuna fish bait.  Back in close some larger snapper are being caught on soft plastics, with the water temperature still running at over 20 degrees and a mild current.  Flathead are being caught in close off the windsock on fishbait with small yellowfin and marlin out in the canyons.

Tight Lines!

Gaye, Graham, Bec, Nathan and Mark
Team Tackle World Moruya
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fax: (02) 44744586

Local Fishing Report 26/2/10

Wednesday, March 03, 2010 by tackleworldmoruya
--Hey Guys - hope everyone is well.  I'm extremely happy to report that we have had NO 
rain this week and have really enjoyed the sunshine and listening to the grass grow! 
Team Tackle World member Nathan enjoyed a nice catch and release session on Bass this 
week - no need to travel too far, they've come down with the fresh.   Lure of choice 
was SX40.  "Dickie" also enjoyed a nice session on perch with the SX40's working a 
treat again, especially numbers 345 and 305. 
Once again, the majority of fish are down the front of the system, with good catches of 
whiting, bream, flathead and trevally. 
The "wall" is still working well with large catches of tailor, salmon, bonito and 
Just watch the debris in the river when motoring as there is still alot around. 
Once again, Nathan had a wonderful session on the Bass just up from snake flat - the 
only drawback was it's a bit "stinky" up there! 
Make sure you stay down the front of the system and fish the incoming tide for best 
results.  Nice catches of flathead and whiting are being had at the moment on both 
surface lures and fresh beach worms. 
Beaches and Rocks 
There are still nice catches off the beaches with whiting and bream enjoying beach 
worms and the salmon and tailor preferring pillies or metal slices. 
Captain Ron onboard Winda-Whoppa enjoyed a great weeks fishing with good flathead being 
had in the 30 metre mark and then out wider in the 40-50 m mark landed mowies, snapper, 
pigfish, small kingies and large bonito - all off fish bait and squid. 
Out on the shelf we're seeing some yellowfin and dolphin fish turn up which is all good 
Back by popular demand - FRESH beachworms every Friday.  Be quick - these guys don't 
last long in store! 
Gaye, Graham and Bec Herbert 
ph: (02) 44744381 
fax: (02) 44744586 

Local Fishing Report 19/2/10

Saturday, February 20, 2010 by tackleworldmoruya

Hey Guys - hope all is well.  Did I  mention the fact that it rained last week?  That
wasn't rain!  The REAL rain turned up this week and boy did we cop a hiding, with the Eurobodalla and Bega areas being declared a "natural disaster" area.  Anyway its all good for the estuaries and fishing!  One of our customers even said that he literally had to "hide behind a tree to put his bait on" because the fish are that prolific!!

Really just fish anywhere near the entrances at the moment and you'll be rewarded.  The beaches are doing well too but they are a little largeat this point in time, but will settle down.

Tackle World Moruya members "Dickie", Gav, Damon and crew headed down to Brogo Dam - yes its now overflowing!  They were rewarded with a catch and release session of 200 Bass up  to 35 cm with the main lure working the best -  Captiva Bug Eye Bait in Baby Frog colour.

Captain Ron did manage to get out last Saturday and also took on the seas today to be rewarded with a lot of Snapper, good Mowies, small Kingies, a couple of 15 kg Bronze Whalers, Nannygui and Pigfish.  Slimies are everywhere at the moment so hook them  up and send them back down!  The water temperature is currently sitting around the 20-22 degrees celcius and Ron was fishing in 35 m of water - George and crew enjoyed themselves immensely!

Tight Lines!

Team Tackle World Moruya

Local Fishing Report 12.2.10

Friday, February 12, 2010 by tackleworldmoruya

Hey Guys - hope everyone has had a good week.  Talk about RAIN, RAIN and more RAIN!!  However we did need it with parts of the Eurobodalla actually flooding.  The most important thing - boy are the fish on the chew!!


Moruya River - Get down to the breakwall for catches of Bream, Trevally, Salmon, Tailor, Snapper and an assortment of sharks.  Use ganged pillies and you can't go wrong.  If you're after the Salmon and Tailor then metal slices will also work well.  I can't remember the last time the fish have been so active!!  If you want to put into the river head down the front of the system as it's still a bit murky and beware of the debris around.


Tuross Lakes - Boy did that entrance roar open - same deal as Moruya stick to the front of the system.  Beware of sharks also as they are taking advantage of the fish as well, with surfers having to make a hasty retreat to the beach the other day.


Beaches - Beautiful catches of whiting are being had off the beaches both up and down the coast, with nice Bream off Congo headland.  Tuross has huge Salmon also with a nice gutter around One Tree Point.


Offshore - Captain Ron onboard Winda-Whopper reports good catches of large snapper, big mowies, tiger flathead around 50 cm in length as well as large pigfish and good size nannies - all caught on fish bait out in 44 m of water.  An abundance of sharks are also out there!  The water temperature is sitting around the 20/22 degrees mark with a mild current running.  Unfortunately the water is a bit green, but will clear soon.  Drop in store to  book your next charter with Captain Ron! 


Some of  the boys have headed down to Brogo for the weekend so we'll let you know how they go now that the dam has water in it! 


Have a great weeks fishing!


Graham, Gaye & Bec

Team Tackleworld Moruya

Tackle World Moruya

Gaye, Graham and Bec Herbert

ph: (02) 44744381

fax: (02) 44744586

Local Fishing Reports 4/2/10

Thursday, February 04, 2010 by tackleworldmoruya

Hey guys, here goes for this weeks fishing report

Moruya River

Flathead!  Flathead!  and MORE Flathead!  These guys are everywhere at the moment with both bait and soft plastics - especially Gulp - working well.  Whiting, Bream and Perch are also to be found with the Bream prefering soft plastics and the Perch taking a liking to small diving lures and surface lures or live nippers for the Whiting.


Once again large numbers of Flathead are being caught around the lake and up around Bumbo.  Soft plastics in the Gulp variety are working the best.  Young Lachy caught and released a nice 75 cm Flattie - good on you Lachy for a great catch and even better a great release!!  The edges of the system are still wokring well on surface lures - poppers being the best when you have a slight breeze.

Rocks and Beaches

Excellent catches of Tailor,  Salmon, Bream, Flathead and Whiting are being caught aorund the Airport beach and Congo area.  Salmon and Tailor respond best to  Pilchards on a Patanosta rig with a surf popper on the top.  For  the Bream, Whiting and Flathead try beach worms or pipis!


Captain Ron aboard Winda-Whopper reports some really nice Snapper around the 40 m mark with good catches of Mowies and Flathead in the 50 m range, and prolific numbers of gummy sharks out in 60 m of water.  Thank goodness some nice and legal Kingies are showing up in 50m of water - be patient these guys are really hugging the bottom.

Tackle World Moruya
Gaye, Graham and Bec Herbert
ph: (02) 44744381
fax: (02) 44744586

Local Fishing Report 28/1/10

Thursday, January 28, 2010 by tackleworldmoruya

Hey guys, here goes for this week's fishing report

Moruya River - Team Tackle World Moruya members Nathan and Graham launched out this afternoon off town wharf and were rewarded with a successful catch and release session of bream and perch up river with the SSX40's proving to be the smartest choice for more frequent and larger catches.  Nathan has also been reeling in great numbers of flathead down the front of the system on Berkley Gulp Ghost Shrimp - exclusive to Tackle World stores.  

Tuross Lakes - Extra large flathead have been coming out of the woodworks recently with the most notable catch being a 95cm lizard photographed and released by the Lush family.  Our recommendation for these larger catches is Berkley Gulp 5 inch Nuclear Chicken and Squidgie Pro 100mm Podys.  Plenty of tailor, bream and whiting are smashing surface lures around the edges and flats of the system with the lure of choice being the C'ultiva Gobo Poppers. 

Rocks and Beaches - The beaches are continuing to provide great catches of bream, whiting, salmon, tailor and drummer in both the gutters and the headlands, however, conditions haven't been very favourable of late so make sure you check it out before you head out for a session.  Call in advance to secure your tubs of live beach worms now as they are continuing to be extremely popular with both the fisherman and the fish! 

Offshore - Captain Ron Ingram from Winda Woppa Fishing Charters reports large catches of snapper, mowies between 350-450mm and nannyguai between 300-400mm.  The flathead, however, have started to slow down a bit this week, with an increase in the size of kingies making up for it.  Bait of choice for all these species is fishbait and squid, with a mild current and 22 degree water temperature ensuring lovely fishing conditions.  Team Tackle World Moruya would like to congratulate Ron on his 60th birthday which has just passed and we wish him many, many more.

Tight lines,

Team Tackle World Moruya

Local Fishing Report 22/1/10

Friday, January 22, 2010 by tackleworldmoruya

Hey guys,

Here goes for this week's fishing report:

Moruya River - Great amounts of flathead are being caught in the deeper water of the system on River 2 Sea Glassie Vib50's with a slow retrieve proving most successful.  Live beach worms are still proving extremely popular with the bait fishermen as large whiting and bream have been smashing their rigs around Preddy's Wharf.  Reports of perch under Moruya Bridge in the late afternoons have been flooding in with the lure of choice being by far the SX40's in colour #350.  Team Tackle World Moruya member Matt launched out of Preddy's Wharf this week and was rewarded with great catches of flathead and whiting on Bushy's Stiffys Poppers in the Favourite colour variety.

Tuross Lakes - The Tuross Fishing Club's children's fishing competition last Sunday was a huge success, with 140 under 16's registering and participating.  Tackle World Moruya, along with Shimano, are proud to have been involved through sponsorship in this competition and hope to see this event become tradition.  Large flathead up to 3.36kg, bream to 1.2kg and 40cm whiting were among the highlights of Tuross this week, with both lures and bait proving highly effective.  Monday night saw Team Tackle World Moruya member Graham and Shimano Pro Angler Mark Dunphy have a rewarding afternoon session with the Squidgie Pro Lobby's and Bushy's Stiffy Divers outshining the other lures with the largest catches.  Team Tackle World Moruya member Nathan had a great session in his canoe with half a dozen bass to 44cm and 4 bream to 40cm being caught on the River 2 Sea Baby Rovers.

Rocks and Beaches - The salmon and tailor are still swimming around, with the largest catches responding best to Surecatch Knights metal slices and for the bait fisherman, live beach worms and pilchards.

Offshore - Captain Ron aboard Winda Woppa Fishing Charters reports an all round fantastic week of outside fishing, with a load of snapper, mowies, nannyguai, kingies - but watch out for all the rats getting around - with the most effective jigs proving to be the Lucanis and Samaki jigs.  Plenty of flathead are also being caught around the sand.  The catch of the week goes out to Lachland who reeled in a beautiful 10kg snapper on fishbait - if you want to take a look for yourself, a photo of Lachlan and his snapper can be found in the Local Fishing section of Tackle World Moruya's Photo Gallery at www.tackleworldmoruya.com.au.  The water temperature is averaging around 22 degrees latey, with the majority of the fish being caught in 40m-60m of water. 

Get in store now to take advantage of the Tackle Wolrd Summer Sale Catalogue as days are limited on this special offer.

Tackle World Moruya
Gaye, Graham and Bec Herbert
ph: (02) 44744381
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